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Commerce Fox - E-Commerce - LLC


Commerce Fox LLC is a leading E-Commerce platform specializing in B2C sales on online marketplaces. We're dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient online shopping experience for consumers. With our extensive network of trusted suppliers and partners who facilitate order fulfillment we provide fast and reliable shipping options to our customers. We're committed to providing you with the convenience, reliability, and satisfaction you deserve.

Upgrade AI - AI Advertising Optimization Software - LLC


Upgrade AI LLC crafts cutting-edge ad-tech solutions powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. Our innovative technology enhances ad targeting, refines bidding strategies, and elevates ad creatives, all designed to maximize ROI and supercharge our clients' advertising campaigns.

Growth Rocket - Marketing Services - LLC


Growth Rocket LLC is a results-driven marketing agency dedicated to propelling businesses forward. Specializing in data-backed strategies and creative solutions, we ignite growth and drive success for our clients. From digital marketing to branding and beyond, we're here to help you launch your business to new heights!

Beyond the Crisis - Nonprofit - 501(c)(3)

Founder, Executive Director, Board Member

Beyond the Crisis is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that distributes food and resources to housing communities and homeless shelters across Massachusetts. We aim to help restore communities and aid men, women, and children who are facing food-insecurity as this issue detrimentally impacts these individuals' physical health and overall quality of life.


Amount of Food Donated ($):


Univerze - Networking Platform - LLC

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Univerze LLC is an inclusive mobile application that allows individuals to network, create groups, and find competitive internships and jobs. Think of LinkedIn but on steroids! See why individuals, schools, & HR companies rely on Univerze - try it today now available cross platform on Android and IOs.